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Peace in the NOW!

I help those that are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, relationship difficulties, personality disorders, and addictions. I also provide Existential Counseling for those who are having or seeking spiritual awakenings.
My specialty is teenagers and families. I'm extremely proficient at helping these teens through an important time in their lives before adulthood.

In therapy I will help you to think clearly and support you in all that you feel. You can count on me to guide you to find your true authentic self, as well as the confidence to "hitch your wagon to a star" to be who you want to be. Don't postpone your mental well-being. Peace and happiness are your birthright! Give Cofrin Care a call. The time is NOW! You're worth it!


Dr. Cofrin

Cofrin Connect for Couples & Group Counseling

I provide couples and group counseling through "Cofrin Connect"  

  • The Wonder of Women 
  • The Magic of Men
  • The Amazing Adolescents

Group counseling is most effective in that patients interact not only intrapersonally, but interpersonally. The Therapy Room is a microcosm to the outer world. The Therapy Room provides comfort and support to connect through authentic communication. In the Therapy Room, the "I" connects with the "thou".

A Place You Can Find Freedom to be Yourself

At Cofrin Care Counseling, I create a beautiful, peaceful, and safe place for patients. I have the knowledge, experience, and the education to provide you with the tools to help you find the solutions you need to create a better life for yourself. In addition to my work as a therapist, I am also a crisis counselor and  have made myself available to my patients for phone therapy. I strive to remain available to all patients whenever I am needed.